World Forum for Democracy and CitYsens videos

We have been invited to present our initiative at the World Forum for Democracy that the Council of Europe organizes in Strasbourg in November. We will be one of the three projects presented in the Workshop on Local Digital Democracy. The other projects are Loomio, a very interesting initiative which emerged from the Occupy environment in New Zeland, seeks to facilitate group decision making and has been supported by the Municipality of Wellington, and finally Puzzled by Policy, an EU funded project with a budget of nearly 3 million euros [1].

We are planning to use this occasion to launch a crowd-funding campaign, which will enable us to build the first prototype of CitYsens, our “civic engagement’ platform. We have repeatedly tried to get support from institutions, governments and foundations. But we never had success. So we will now try to build CitYsens without them, just with the direct support from citizens and small social organizations.

As part of our preparation for both events… we have created a video presentation for CitYsens, which you can see below, in three different flavors:

CitYsens Explanation (updated to new logo!)



CitYsens Explanation – ‘Teaser’ version


CitYsens Explained – Extended version


[1] For more information on this type of eParticipation projects developed by the European Union, please read our research paper: The e-(R)evolution will not be funded. A transdisciplinary and critical analysis of the developments and troubles of EU-funded eParticipation.


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