Kyopol is dead… Long life CitYsens!!

‘Kyosei’ is a Japanese word that means “living and working together for the common good”; it is the Japanese equivalent to our word “symbiosis”.

‘Polis’, as is well known, is a Greek word meaning “city”.

Combining both terms’ first syllable we created “KYOPOL”, the name that we originally planned to give to our eParticipation platform, meaning “Symbiotic City”.

Still … we were not entirely happy with the name. Precisely because it is very cryptic. You really need to explain it in order to get it understood. And even after the explanation of the term most people would still not get it. Thay would say: “Symbiotic City? So… what is that thing?!”

Trello.sThis is why during the last three weeks the Core Group’s members were racking our brains, looking for alternatives. Using different tools… we developed our own participatory, creative and critical process, which hopefully would help us to find a much better name.

AllOurIdeas.sWhat tools, you ask? Well, rather basic tools, but well adjusted to the task we set for ourselves: our discussion group on  Google GroupsTrelloAllourideas (this last one we tried… but we didn’t liked!)… and finally, also that most powerful participatory tool: meetings, talks, communication and dialogue.

Among all participants we presented… a lot of proposals! Each of them more original and creative than the previous one. We analysed pros and cons, we discussed, we valued and prioritized, we restricted, we voted…

And from the 40 proposals presented we were able to reach a ​​beautiful consensus around one of them. A name that we will not explain to you… because that’s precisely what we looked for: a name that required no explanation.


So… Kyopol System is dead !!    Long life CitYsens !!!

CitYsens.7.s CitYsens.09.s
CitYsens.05.s CitYsens.6.s

In fact… this is only half the truth. Because, as is widely acknowledged… “only the good names die young”.

The thing is that we also didn’t like much the official name of our association, “Kyosei Cities Assoc.”. And we didn’t like it by the same reason: it is very cryptic. Almost as cryptic as ugly and difficult to convey is the name of our association’s website:

When we chose CitYsens as our platform’s new name… KyoPol suddenly became available!! And therefore we decided to revamp our website and our own name: From now on we will be the “Kyopol Association”. “Symbiotic City” too, for those asking for more detail! 🙂

Which means that… Kyosei Cities is dead!    Long life KyoPol !!

And from now on… we see each other at!

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