One little comment on EU funding and #CAPSSI

[One year ago, Tim Bonnemann wrote a post at Intellitics’ blog about a new EU funded e-Democracy project: D-CENT. This is the post: Some days ago Dr. John May commented it and included a reference to my paper “The e-(R)evolution will not … Continue reading

CitYsens at the World Forum for Democracy

Last November Kyopol Assoc. participated at the World Forum for Democracy organized by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. In its Lab on Digital Local Democracy we presented our project to create CitYsens, a local civic networking system that promotes effective and empowering citizen participation. Here is a video … Continue reading

World Forum for Democracy and CitYsens videos

We have been invited to present our initiative at the World Forum for Democracy that the Council of Europe organizes in Strasbourg in November. We will be one of the three projects presented in the Workshop on Local Digital Democracy. … Continue reading

‘doing good’ Open Gov vs. doing ‘good Open Gov’

Earlier this month  Aspen Institute hosted a new edition of its Forum on Communications and Society (FOCAS), where a lot of bright minds reflected on the new oGov tools and platforms that encourage an informed citizenry to engage in self-governance … Continue reading