Galeano, on Lórien

This time it is the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, who tells us of Lórien:

“Dear Stig:

May we be worthy of desperate hope.

May we have the courage to be alone and the bravery to take the risk to be together, because a tooth out of the mouth, or a finger out of the hand, are useless.

May we be disobedient every time we receive orders that humiliate our conscience or violate our common sense.

May we be so stubborn to keep believing, against all evidence, that the human condition is worth it, because we have been badly made, but we are not finished.

May we be able to continue walking the paths of the wind, despite falls and betrayals and defeats, because the history continues, much beyond us, and when she says goodbye, she is actually saying: see you soon.

May we keep alive the certainty that we can be contemporary and fellow countrymen of anyone whose life is moved by the will of justice and the will of beauty, wherever she be born and whenever he be alive, because the maps of soul and time have no borders”

(Eduardo Galeano, Stig Dagerman Price acceptance speech, Sweden, 2010.09.12)

“Toward the hand march the fingers, toward the mouth march the teeth, the teeth want to be mouth, the fingers want to be hand. There is a growing awareness of our need to get together so that democracy stop being something more and more detached from the people”

(Eduardo Galeano, “Voces contra la Globalización. ¿Otro mundo es posible?”, 2006)

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