One little comment on EU funding and #CAPSSI

[One year ago, Tim Bonnemann wrote a post at Intellitics’ blog about a new EU funded e-Democracy project: D-CENT. This is the post: Some days ago Dr. John May commented it and included a reference to my paper “The e-(R)evolution will not … Continue reading

Why do we call it “Open Government” when we mean… ?

I share here a contribution I just posted to the debate  How do we define Open Government? [es] that Alberto Ortiz de Zárate started some days ago at novaGob: Hi everybody, After a few days discussing about a possible definition for “Open Government” (OG) we have … Continue reading

Henares Agenda – Local, Digital, Ours

We are creating the “Agenda del Henares” together with the social movements of the Henares Valley. It is a collaborative agenda that allows groups and individuals to share information about the events they organize, take part in or get to … Continue reading